Youth Hostile

by Bird Hotel

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A mediocre display of narcissistic angst


released September 26, 2015

All music/lyrics written by Bird Hotel*

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Bird Hotel, with additional help from Dan Berman

Special thanks to everybody who helped make this record a reality. Especially pizza, satan, 7/11, and cheap beer.

Big shout out to all the punk moms </3

*(except for Sweat Dreams, based off the poem by Greg Bruno. That kid fucks)



all rights reserved


Bird Hotel New Brunswick, New Jersey

"Don't Bring Your Mom" Punk

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Track Name: Slow Dance
My friends advised me not to call you sober,
But I'm outside the chorus puking on my jeans.
I haven't heard your voice since late October,
But I still see you in my sleep.

Now I'm arguing with your voice mail for closure.
I didn't call to have this turn into a fight.
Why do these things between us get so fucked up?
Why can't we make things right?

At the crossroads of relapse and egress,
With my heart saying make a U-turn and my head says just don't look back.
And are we locked into a fistfight or a slowdance,
'Cause I honestly can't keep track.

And I could feel myself believing the story,
You told me sitting on that Brooklyn window sill.
That you drank too much, that he meant nothing,
That you'd stopped taking your pills.

But I just can't forget outside that bathroom,
Your body hot and flushed, pressed up against the door.
And he was panting as he pressed inside you.
I drank 'til I hit the floor.

Track Name: Party Favor
Designer clothes, designer drugs,
Blank stares on every face.
While I chainsmoke outside the door,
Completely out of place.
I nod and smile through gritted teeth,
Outside I fucking seethe.
Stench of superiority makes it too hard to breathe.

Down the drinks, the room spins round,
Not sure how I got here.
Try to tell me of your life, don't want to lend an ear.
Party pit that's full of snakes,
And you're caught in it thick,
And one more forced, pained dialogue will make me fucking sick.

Fuck your friends,
Fuck your trends,
Fuck this scene,
Your social circle's killing the American dream.


I hate this fucking party,
and the way you greet your friends.
You kiss the rings, put on the mask,
to go and play pretend.
I'm underdressed, and underwhelmed,
And guess it's just as well.
I'll drink and dream of gasoline to blow us all to hell.

Come to in a cold sweat, pick myself up off the floor.
Stumble through the throng of bodies searching for the door.
Empty heads and empty thoughts, keep drinking 'til you drop.
Do this party a favor and just fuck off.
Track Name: Shipwreck
Set sail for a shore unknown.
Spend days dreaming of your home.
And your children don't remember your face,
But the ship sails on at a breakneck pace.

Cast off,
Waves Crash,
Breathe in,
Hold fast.

Stare straight out at the crimson dawn,
Head awash, been at sea so long.
Bloodshot eyes long for stable shore,
and your voyage-wracked body can't take much more.

Sun succumbs to the monstrous clouds,
as the wind picks up, ripping through the shrouds.
Down last drink, static cracks the air,
While the bosun's whistle calls the crew to bear.

Cast off,
Waves Crash,
Breathe in,
Hold fast.

Surf pounds the hull as the rain tears at your skin.
Sailors scream under thunder's rolling din.
Fear creates panic as the sirens rise from the depths.
You throw your prayers to the sky but the storm it steals your breath.

Rolling deep,
Sailor's keep,
Slip below,
The undertow.
Track Name: Sweat Dreams
Sulking down these slimy streets,
Barefoot toes and grimy feet,
All blistered and battered.

You touch yourself, well ain't that neat,
While I drown, down my thoughts,
It's nothing. Nothing.

Paid some mind and nothing more.
Darling you were such a bore.
But I'm lonely, so lonely.

Knocked upon your scarlet door.
Entered, indulged in your lore.
Lay our heads, soak your bed.

I, I'm your incubus.
Sweat dreams, oh sweat dreams.
I, I'm your incubus.
Sweat dreams, oh sweat for you.

Pleasure lady, I deplore you
To slip in silent sleep,
So I may feast
(lay down, lay our heads).

Lick my wounds, you salt them deep
With promises that I can't keep.
So I howl, so I howl.

I, I'm your incubus.
Sweat dreams, oh sweat dreams.
I, I'm your incubus.
Sweat dreams, oh sweat for you.